Holistic Wellness

Looking after all of you

Holistic health is an approach to health which considers the whole person and how she interacts with her environment. It emphasises the connection of mind, body and spirit. Being able to write a solid business plan or pitch an idea to future partners are good skills to have in business. However, if you do not look after your well being, your entire self, none of it will matter much eventually. 

Keystone invites you to a holistic approach to success and we offer up some thoughtful tools and rituals and encourage you to find your own ways of keeping well. 

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Weekly Wellness Rituals

Throughout the Keystone programme, we will be exploring wellness through a variety of rituals which can help you;

  • Establish why rituals are important and why wellness matters to your work

  • Explore the art of self care by completing a self-care check list

  • Introduce a body scan meditation

  • Follow along with an audio body scan meditation

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wellness Ritual Taster

    • Why Wellness Matter to Your Work

    • The Art of Self Care

    • Self Care Check In

    • The Body Scan Wellness Ritual

    • Body Scan