The Keystone Programme

“I get so excited when I hear women talk about their calling. It’s a moment in time when everything falls into place; their passions, their experiences, their creativity; they finally feel integrated with all of who they are and their work feels right and meaningful. This energy is contagious and when it’s combined with useful skills and a nurturing community, you can fly.“ – Dani Trudeau, Founder

Conceived from founder Dani Trudeau's experience in supporting female entrepreneurs at Tribe Porty, Keystone began life as Tribe Women. Dani collaborated with experts in their fields and leading facilitators and educators to create their vision. For two sellout years, they successfully delivered an eight-month programme to over a hundred women with exceptional results.

Now more than ever, spaces are needed to support women’s working lives and find meaningful communities to nurture their growth. The new online Keystone Programme has been created to make this accessible to all.

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Alumni Alex Durussel-Baker

Founder of Korero Studio

Find Your Tribe

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." — Coretta Scott King

When you join Keystone, you are connecting to a new network of talented, like-minded women who foster the spirit of Keystone. During and after the programme, you’ll be part of an ever-growing, vibrant and self-sustaining group.

Throughout, you will connect with other members, share stories, ask questions, offer advice and guidance, co-create and celebrate successes. The Coaching Circles will also offer the opportunity to interact more deeply within a smaller group. 

Relationships are encouraged and supported to continue beyond the programme.

Let’s start by getting to know the team.


Meet the facilitators and mentors

Executive Director & Mentor

Dani Trudeau

Having started her first enterprise at the age of 14 and her first private company at 25, Dani is curious about what makes a good business. Tribe Porty was founded in 2014 and is a community coworking social enterprise. Keystone (formerly Tribe Women), was founded in 2017 and launched the online programme in 2021. Dani is committed to redesigning the way we work in order to lead connected, full and healthy lives.

Director & Group Coaching Facilitator

Ailsa Lochhead

Ailsa is a Somatic Coach, Founder of Move To Feel (healing movement practice) and Visual Artist. She is passionate about empowering others to trust their body, intuition and spirit. Her holistic coaching practice balances somatic intelligence and growth mindset. Pairing embodied transformation processes alongside the business courses, Keystone offers a unique programme supporting women fully in mind and body to integrate learning and action.

Meet the wider team behind Keystone Women

Alex Durussel-Baker

Product Strategist

Alex is an award-winning Product and Service designer working to simplify complex systems. With a background in both startups and agency design, Alex works as a Principal Design Consultant helping purpose-led brands find market fit and build products that better connect people and technology.

Dawn Breslin


Founder of The Harmonizing Academy, a life re-design company which helps individuals grow into their full potential in a gentle and sustainable way. Dawn describes her passion for emotional well-being and unlocking human potential as a little obsessive and says her greatest lessons have come from recovering from post-natal depression in her 20’s and extreme emotional, financial and energetic burnout in her 40’s.

Sandra Macaskill

Business Strategist

Creative business strategist, developing self-sustaining businesses for over 20 years, working with women, organisations and communities. Sandra is passionate about seeing organisations bring together plans and then bring them to fruition having the necessary tools and know how to do so confidently.

Mel Sherwood

Public Speaking and Confidence Coach

Pitch and Presentation Specialist and founder of The RED Effect, Mel is on a mission to help one million women to (re)connect with who they are and express themselves with confidence. An Australian now based in Scotland, Mel is an award-winning speaker, trainer and coach and combines over 25 years’ experience in business with a background as an actor, presenter and singer.

Laura Westring


Laura Westring is a writer and Leadership Communications Consultant who leads Public Affairs at Amiqus, a tech for good company. During her career in the European Union, her work to help young women gain positive leadership skills was recognized by Barack Obama.

Melissa McConnell

Operations & Communications

Melissa has an expertise in operations and communication and was key in the success of the community and programme. From Keystone's inception, Melissa helped shape the Tribe Women programme for two years and the launch of Keystone Women.
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Alumni Laure Stephen

Jikiden Reiki Practitioner & Teacher