Mentoring + Courses

If you are looking for access anytime to our courses, yet still want 1:1 and the structure of the programme, you can sign up to our mentoring package.

  • 3 1:1 mentoring sessions, based in Edinburgh or online,

  • 7 holistic business courses, including audio, video and downloadable worksheets,

  • 6 wellness rituals to try and tips to create habits to support your wellbeing and efficient working,

  • 365 days of access to our online programme including our resource library.

Bespoke Mentoring

Plus access to the foundation programme anytime

Each mentoring session will be bespoke and you will establish your short and long term goals during the first session. There will be another session mid way through the programme to answer any specific questions, signpost to additional expertise and resources and hold you to account to find clarity and complete all tasks to date. There will then be another session on completion of all of the courses. We will agree strategies to continue success and arrange another check in session.

Dani Trudeau

“I have always been intrigued and invested in what makes a good business and importantly, what makes a ‘business for good’ and I believe passionately that women can learn to create success and wealth for themselves without burning out and we want to support them on that journey.


I founded Keystone to directly address the gender disparity, and experience told us that the combination of community, upskilling and mentoring really does works. I also wanted to champion women to define their purpose, tap into their creativity, cultivate their entrepreneurial mindset and prioritise their core values above all else.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the unique challenges of starting and running a business. One of the primary aims of Keystone is to support women towards letting go of perfectionism and instead, focus on striving for excellence whilst incorporating the concept of wellness into their psyche. We have found this way of working helps avoid the physical and mental impacts of burnout, not only for individual’s well-being but also for workplace culture.

The idea for this programme and mentoring was born from my experience in supporting female entrepreneurs at Tribe Porty and after entertaining hundreds of conversations with women who all shared the same challenges, frustrations and desires for a better working life and I am very fortunate to be witnessing the transformational power of community.

We have created a holistic approach aimed at combining world-class teaching with wellness rituals which power participants' unique passion, skill set, experience, values and creativity. By nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets, we provide a person-centred approach.

We pride ourselves in the ability to understand that it is people and good businesses who make a difference in society. Particularly in current times, it is going to take ingenuity, creativity and determination to spot and take advantage of the opportunities that uncertainty creates. It also takes community, self-awareness, resilience and well-being to be able to contribute to a better world.”

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My expertise includes social enterprise, purpose-led businesses, strategic planning, building resilience and self-awareness, financial planning, branding & marketing for start-ups, social impact, creative style and business planning. Working directly with individuals or teams to help find clarity, take action and be accountable. I also offers wellness and somatic strategies for those who are feeling stuck or seeking to prioritise their wellbeing.